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by posted 04/12/2018

Southside Lacrosse League Supports LAX for Love

Southside Lacrosse League is proud to support the One Love Foundation, honoring Yeardley Love, by participating in the local 2018 "LAX for Love" games this Saturday, April 14th. 

The inspiration of "LAX for Love" is to help keep Yeardley's memory alive while raising awareness and funding for programs that promote service and strength of character. All proceeds from the event will benefit the One Love Foundation.

Southside League's Girls and Boys 14U teams will play at Norfolk Academy, the event host, to promote this special day of remembrance and community awareness. The lacrosse-filled day won't end at the Norfolk Academy fields, though, as all Southside games that day will be played in honor of Yeardley - from the Princess Anne Athletic Complex in Virginia Beach to the Warhill Sports Complex in Williamsburg. 

Click here for a full list of LAX for Love events at Norfolk Academy this weekend

About One Love

One Love exists for one reason: Yeardley Love was killed and her death was avoidable if anyone in her life had truly understood the unhealthy and increasingly dangerous relationship behaviors they were seeing.

Learn how Yeardley's story has inspired a movement to change the statistics. Please visit for more information about the One Love Foundation and its mission to help end relationship violence.

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Southside Lacrosse - Boys & Girls Middle School Update
by posted 04/02/2018

To all Southside Lacrosse Middle School League Players, Families, Coaches and Coordinators:


Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Southside Lacrosse League Middle School Division!

This is the 5th year of Spring Middle School League operations for the South Division and the first year of the expanded/consolidated League with former HRLAX participants.  This is also the first year of support for the Peninsula Division.


As you may know, we have 9 Boys MS teams and 5 Girls MS teams this spring.  Where possible based upon overall enrollment, these teams are aligned by High School attendance zone in order to begin establishing a pipeline of players into the high school teams that play within the Hampton Roads HS league structure. In areas where enrollment is not at that level yet, teams are aligned by City but are still treated in all respects as a MS team within the League.  It is our expectation and plan that this structure will help the region move to Varsity status within the Virginia High School League in the foreseeable future!


The processes and staffing structure for games on the Southside at PAAC are well established and run smoothly and consistently. We are working hard on bringing up a similar structure and processes on the Peninsula.  This is a work in progress and we appreciate the constructive feedback we have received and we realize that this needs to be brought to a higher level of organization. We are committed to bringing the same level of detail to the Peninsula games as we add the necessary infrastructure and work out details with the Peninsula Clubs in Yorktown and Williamsburg. Thank you for understanding that there are many moving parts in this and team count differences create some challenges to work through.


The League is in the process of finalizing games with several area private school teams including Ware Academy, Norfolk Collegiate and Cape Henry.  We have had 3 rain-outs thus far and we are also need to reschedule those games. We had one girls team (Norfolk) drop out of the mix due to insufficient players.  Finally, once we have all of the above confirmed, the playoff and Championship games (which we are attempting to coordinate with the High School Boys and Girls Championship process) are being updated and finalized.


In order to catch up our schedule, we need to add at least one additional date to the schedule.  We have been invited to participate in the Lax for Love event hosted by Norfolk Academy and in its 6th year on Saturday, April 14th!  Accordingly, we will schedule as many Boys and Girls MS games as possible at Norfolk Academy on that date in support of this worthy cause. In addition to celebrating lacrosse as part of this event, players are also invited to a free Clinic that will be run by Chazz Woodsen and Blair Weymouth Monaco from 1pm-2pm.


The Southside Lacrosse League will also directly promote Lax for Love during our regularly scheduled Youth League games at the PAAC and at Warhill on that date as well as referencing the sponsoring One Love Foundation in memory of UVA Womens Lacrosse player Yeardley Love.


Our plan is to have all of the above completed by the end of this week and other than any future unplanned rain-out events, final for your to plan around.


Thank you for being patient during this consolidation and growth process!  The level of play this season has been impressive thus far and the teams and coaches have been great to work with!  All of the staff at Southside Lacrosse are committed to improving continuously and growing the sport across all of the cities we operate in.  Thank you again for being part of this!


Frank Logan

Executive Director, Southside Lacrosse League

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Southside Lacrosse - Boys & Girls Middle School Championships!
by posted 03/05/2018


Bracketed Playoffs and Championship Format Announced!

Boys and Girls Middle School Divisions (14U) will wind up the Spring Season with a bracketed Championship (all teams, South Division & Peninsula Division!  

We are working out details to run the Middle School Championship games in concert with the High School League at a common venue on the 18th of May.

This is a big step forward as we continue the work of the past 4 years in building a High School feeder system to support the continued growth and improvement of lacrosse in the area as we strive toward inclusion for our players in the Virginia High School League.

You Can Still Sign Up - Plenty of Time to Play Lacrosse!

Registration will remain open as long as there is remaining space available on boys and girls teams.  There is lots of time to catch up since the games continue into early May. More Out Of League opportunities will be slated for the April time frame after Easter break   

If your player is contemplating playing for their boys or girls High School team, this is a great way to get into the pipeline.




Virginia Beach






















The Middle School league is established as part of a larger plan to develop lacrosse players in a fun and safe environment while facilitating alignment with the spring High School structure

Key Goals:

The key goals are to:

  • Increase participation in Coastal Virginia.

  • Develop a robust pipeline of players feeding into the high school teams.

  • Encourage player affinity and awareness of their prospective high school team and future Coaches

  • Afford a structure for high school coaches to assist in recruiting and player development in their zones.

  • Play competitive lacrosse in a competitive format.


  • 10 game season

  • Seeded playoffs and Championship

  • No play Public School Spring Break week or Easter Weekend

Practices and Team Management

  • Practices at coaches discretion in local area (coaches responsible for procuring space) approximately 2-3 times per week depending on age

  • Uniform is NOT included in above fee


  • Zoning will follow the area Spring High School League zoning rules as player registration supports

  • All players and coaches must be current members of US Lacrosse.  

  • All coaches shall be US Lacrosse Level 1 certified at a minimum.  

  • All sideline participants must have a current background screen in place and have valid US Lacrosse Membership.

Game Day

  • League provides game balls

  • Onsite Trainer or Paramedic

  • Most League games on Synthetic Turf with Electronic Scoreboards!


*League structure is subject to change based upon final player registration. Emphasis will be placed on aligning teams with their zoned high school club wherever practicable.


Note: Where enrollment is sufficient league placement will follow the same zoning assignments as the Spring VA South Non-VHSL Club High School League (sponsored by  "Free Agent" players are welcome and will be assigned to a team with the closest available match to their school zone based on space available.  If a team has multiple players but not enough for a stand-alone team, all of those players will be kept together to the extent possible.

>> Click here to apply for a Southside Lacrosse League Coaching position <<


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US Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM)
by posted 10/17/2017


Southside Lacrosse League has adopted the latest US Lacrosse rules governing youth league competition.  The new rules are based upon the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model ("LADM").  

The Core Values of LADM include the following six elements:

  • Designed for Development
  • FUN and Kid-Centered
  • Small-Sided Competition and Free Play
  • Coach Training
  • Physical Literacy
  • Multi-Sport Participation

The intent of LADM is to both increase participation rates in lacrosse and to retain more players from First Exposure at an early age through their entire athletic career.

More information will be forthcoming to introduce our Coastal Virginia lacrosse community to LADM and how it will be implemented for the Spring 2018 season!  

More Information is available now at:

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HRLAX and Southside Lacrosse League Joint Announcement
by posted 10/08/2017

Hampton Roads Lacrosse League (HRLax) and Coastal Sports Management/Southside Lacrosse League (SSLL) Joint Announcement


Southside Lacrosse Families,


     As you know, Hampton Roads Lacrosse (HRLax) published an RFP in August requesting proposals from responsible parties to assume all or part of league management of HRLax Boys and Girls Youth and High School Programs.  With the current and prospective growth of lacrosse in Hampton Roads, the HRLax Board of Directors recognized the need for a professional organization to ensure quality in player development, coach training, and scheduling.


     HRLax received proposals and heard presentations from several local and well known national organizations and had the opportunity to ask detailed questions during an extensive review of proposals.  The League held several meetings and discussions to review the merits and fit of each proposal in order to select the most qualified party.


     We are pleased to announce that the HRLax Board of Directors voted to accept the proposal submitted by Coastal Sports Management / Southside Lacrosse League (SSLL) to assume the operation and management of the boys and girls youth leagues, effective immediately.  HRLax will continue to operate and manage the spring boys and girls High School Leagues.


     Jess Stevenson, President of HRLax said, "After many years of successful league operations and countless hours of volunteering by our staff and the many selfless lacrosse enthusiasts before us, we are excited to partner with a professional organization to deliver a better and more focused youth lacrosse experience.   We expect both leagues, Southside Lacrosse League Youth and HRLax High School, to place a premium on "local" play on Southside and Peninsula, to accelerate the growth of the game and better support our efforts towards VHSL status in all cities in Hampton Roads."


     HRLax boys and girls youth lacrosse players in 8th grade and below and qualified coaches on both the Southside and the Peninsula will be integrated into the SSLL structure. HRLax will discontinue all youth programs in the Hampton Roads region in order to focus solely on the boys and girls spring high school leagues.


     SSLL will continue to align youth teams into current high school team zones in order to establish more high school team affinity. This approach is intended to facilitate the development of a “feeder” system for experienced lacrosse players into each high school team while engaging the respective Boosters Clubs and high school coaches in the process.  The current HRLax Boys and Girls Youth League Commissioners, Melissa Strickland and Catherine Hardy, will continue in those roles with SSLL.


     Frank Logan, Founder of Coastal Sports Management and SSLL, said, “Over the last 12 years I have enjoyed working with the numerous dedicated people who maintain a shared passion for the game of lacrosse and have worked tirelessly to enable more players and families to participate in the sport.  This new structure is another positive step in making the sport more accessible and inclusive. I’m looking forward to continuing the effort to grow the game within the US Lacrosse “Athlete Development Model“ (LADM) framework.


     One of the mutual goals of HRLax and SSLL is to gain Varsity High School League (VHSL) status for lacrosse in our public schools.  Both organizations believe that this new approach will be a strong positive step in that direction.  SSLL and HRLax plan to collaborate in an effort to gain VHSL status and grow lacrosse in Hampton Roads.


     Both organizations look forward to a smooth transition for Spring 2018 teams and games and will be providing detailed information in the weeks ahead.


Thank You,  

Frank Logan

President, Coastal Sports Management

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